Our sessions are unlike any “Group fitness class” you’ve done before. Run 7 days a week

& Capped session sizes - its Personal Training with a group atmosphere.



(Strength & Movement)

Fast paced class designed to get your heart rate up without running on a treadmill for 30 minutes.

For lovers and haters of cardio focused around strength and movement principals to get you fitter and stronger.





Increase strength, tone up and build lean muscle. These structured and capped sessions allow for the coach to work with you on technical lifts to allow you to continually progress long term.


TONE (Women’s Only)

(Strength & Movement)

Women’s only technical strength class with an emphasis on becoming stronger using correct form in a non intimidating environment.



(Prepare the body for real life)

Move, exercise and activate the body to prepare it for the rigours that life throws at you. These capped sessions will introduce new exercises and train different muscles to enhance the proper movement of the body.